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Smile Line Products

Blade Refills
Fits 4000-P Porcelain Blade Module
Pkg of 5....$48.50
Universal Station Allows You To Rinse Your Brush In Fresh Water
Complete Set....$86.95
Instrument Bench Stand
Instruments Not Included
JP Technical Liquids
As Low As....$41.25
Micro-Vibes Double Opaque Tip
Vibrating Brush
Micro-Vibes Mixing Spatula
Instrument W/ Universal Flexible Spatula
Micro-Vibes Opaque
Instrument w/ Paste Opaque Bead Tip
Unit w/ 1 Tip....$189.95
N.ERA Brushes
Made from a Unique Polyamide Fiber
Set of 4....$221.50
Optimum Spring Brush
Kit of 3....$167.50
Porcelain Instruments
As Low As....$39.90
Porcelain Sampler
Allows You To Produce Porcelain Tabs From Your Personal Blends
Complete Kit....$232.75
Porcelain Sculpturing Instruments
Black Anodized Aluminum & Brushed Stainless Steel
Handle w/ Rings....$16.95
Kolinsky Brushes
Set of 5....$325.95
Implant Drivers
Compatible With The Most Popular Dental Implant Systems
As Low As....$59.50
Cellular Rubber Foam Protection Mat
Pkg of 3....$60.95
Cement Spacer
The Spider
Solder Tray
Upper/Lower Set....$84.95
U-Mid Classic
Wet Tray For Porcelains
Wet Tray for Porcelain
Pkg of 2....$69.50
U-Mid Liquid NF
Compatible With All Well-Known High Fusing Porcelains.
U-Mid Stains
Dedicated to the Automatic Preparation of Stains
Complete Set....$232.00
Natural Fiber Universal Spatulas
Natural Horn Tip
Pkg of 2....$58.95
Universal Wax Instruments
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