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DFS Products

Circone Milling Tools
For Hydro Air Carver Circone Lab, Electroplated Diamonds
Circool Zirconia Abrasives
Rough and Soft Adjustment Work Circool lab, handpiece, no water cooling.
Crown Adjustment
FG Zirconia Diamonds, Electroplated Diamonds
Crown Master
Bend Resistant, Heat Resistant Fibre-Glass Plier
Separation Acrylic Veneers Plaster
Acrylic Tool Kit
DiaDur Cutters
For Cobalt Chrome Alloys, Non Precious Alloys, Pd Alloys, Precious Alloys & Composit
DiaDur Non-Precious Metal Kit
Crown & Bridge
DiaDur Plaster Kit
Model Prep Plaster Tool Kit
DiaDur Titanium Kit
Titanium Tool Kit
DiaDur Tough Acrylic Veneers/Composites Kit
DiaDurit Impregnated
Diamond Impregnated Felt
DiaFix Diamond Polisher
Natural Felt, Impregnated With Diamonds
Diafix Superfine Diamond Polisher
Fully Impregnated With Diamonds, For Absolute Mirror Finish
DiaFix Diamond Polishers
Diamond Impregnated For Ceramics & Composites
Flexible Diamond Disc Assortment
Sidia Diamond Discs
Gold-Plated Sintered Disc
For Ceramics & Precious Alloys
High-Cut Turbo
Reinforced Separating Disc
See-Thru Diamond Disc
Double-Sided 7/8"
Separation Acrylic Veneers Plaster
Sidia FG Crown Adjustment
Sintered Diamonds Hydro Air Carver
Sidia Sintered Diamond Discs
For Metals & Ceramics
Sidia Sintered Diamonds
Sintered Diamond Cleaning Stone
Tube Lock Attachments
Compare to Pin & Sleeve
Turbo Diamonds
Electroplated Spiral Diamonds
Universal Polisher
Superfine For Ceramics
Wire Brush
Superfine For Partials & To Clean Inside of Crowns
3 Pinsel + 1 Mandrel, 3 Brushes + 1 Mandrel
Wire Brush Wheel
Diamond Coated Superfine
Zirconia Instruments
Diamond Impregnated Tool For Grinding Zirconia
Zircool Kit
1 zirconia disc, 5 adjustment & prepolishing points, 1 bur holder
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