2018 Pearson Lab Specials

Portable Dust Collector 2018 Laboratory Specials pearsonlab.com ~ 800-336-8256 Offers Valid February 19 th 2018 thru June 1 st 2018. All prices and specifications may be subject to change without prior notice. Pearson Dental Supply Company does not take responsibility for any typographical errors. Pearson Tooth Department Offers a Full Line of Teeth 800-336-8256 Fax: 818-833-7725 818-362-2600 ext. 211 Call for Quantity Discount LMT Lab Day Chicago 2018 Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel Chicago, IL Booth L-30 February 23 & 24, 2018 SandBlasters LMT Lab Day West 2018 Hyatt Regency Orange County Garden Grove, CA May 19, 2018 SandStorm Edge A Blasting System for the Laboratory Professional. 50-100 Micron Unit V12-0087.. ....... 510.00 A space-saving micro abrasive sand blaster specifically designed for the dental industry. Capable of handling all dental lab and dental office applications with ease and precision. 3 Year Warranty Basic eco Basic eco Microblaster with up to two tanks that offers high precision in a minimum space thanks to its compact dimensions. Top blasting technology and an attractive price-performance ratio combine to provide an ideal product for first-time users and laboratories where space is at a premium. Unit D24-0672.. ........... 525.00 Dust Collectors SILENT compact A small, workplace extraction unit for one appliance. No dust bag change due to bagless, fine filter technology, including mechanical filter cleaning function. Easy use due to the intelligent switch-on function controlled by the appliance. Noise level reduced due to a fully enclosed collector motor, with a run time of >1,000 operating hours. • Attractive, high grade design due to the use of special plastic • Low downtime as the motor can be quickly replaced (10 minutes) • Two suction levels with one suction level optimally suited to the relevant application • Active health protection filter technology with a filter efficiency of 99.9% Unit D24-1048... ............ 899.00 LED Light Curing Unit SILENT TS2 Powerful 2-workstation extraction, quiet and compact Silent TS2 reliably frees two users (workplace/units) individually from health-related dusts. The intelligent control automatically increases or reduces the suction power as required. Relaxed working thanks to very low operating noise of only max. 56,9 dB(A). The cost-effectiveness is achieved not only because the Silent TS2 can save the purchase of a second unit but because of the increased motor service life and its easy exchange within only two minutes in the lab. The simple and precise calibration of the automatic switch-on and the filter-level detection as well as the compact dimensions and timeless design makes the Silent TS2 suitable for virtually all uses in the lab. 2-Station Unit D24-0112 . .... 2,150.00 Model 550A Dust Collector (Handler) The 550A Under Bench Porta-Vac Dust Collector is sturdy steel construction with HEPA disposable filter bag. HEPA filter with 190 cubic inches of filter area collects 0.3 micron for a healthier, safer work environment. Powerful high velocity motor moves 125 CFM. The 550A comes standard with 6’ flexible hose that can be attached to a 3” suction inlet. The 550A weighs in at only 20 Lbs, and the compact dimensions are 14 ½”L x 9 ¼”W x 11 ½”H. Various suction inlets and remote foot switch are available. Unit, Each H15-0565 . ............... 435.60 Light Intensity 1000 mW/cm 2 Ledex™ DC100 • 10 Second cure to 3mm of resin composite • Simple to operate • Clear Display • Never Shuts down within continuous use • Smart heat management system Unit ................................................. 249.00 Contains: 1 Ledex WL-070 Handpiece, Recharger Power Supply, 8mm Light guide, handpiece holder, ultraviolet protection filter, anti-glare shield, 20 light cure shields and manual White Black Orange Yellow L24-0000 L24-0002 L24-0004 L24-0006 Light Blue Apple Green Pink L24-0008 L24-0010 L24-0012