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Very High Translucent
CAD/CAM for Roland, Wieland and Zircon Zahn

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Round Zirconia HS Disc 98x10mm Each
Mfg. Part #: HS 98X10
M49-2027 $83.00
Round Zirconia HS Disc 98x12mm Each
Mfg. Part #: HS 98X12
M49-2028 $97.50
Round Zirconia HS Disc 98x14mm Each
Mfg. Part #: HS 98X14
M49-2029 $114.00
Round Zirconia HS Disc 98x16mm Each
Mfg. Part #: HS 98X16
M49-2030 $128.00
Round Zirconia HS Disc 98x18mm Each
Mfg. Part #: HS 98X18
M49-2031 $135.00
Round Zirconia HS Disc 98x20mm Each
Mfg. Part #: HS 98X20
M49-2032 $143.50
Round Zirconia HS Disc 98x25mm Each
Mfg. Part #: HS 98X25
M49-2033 $173.00
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