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This innovative resin ceramic material, inclusive of porous ceramic fillers, ensures exceptional natural light transmission as well as the benefits of durability, flexural strength and long-lasting aesthetics. The unique filler technology is based on decades of experience with Shofu’s Ceramage, a zirconium silicate micro ceramic, which provided the ability to develop Shofu HC Blocks.
This new, ceramic based CAD/CAM material is suitable for a wide range of indications from a highly aesthetic individual anterior restoration to a durable posterior restoration—including minimally invasive inlays, onlays, cosmetic veneers, full crowns for anterior and posterior teeth, and implant-supported restorations.
Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
HC Block Ceramill W2-LT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2157A
S23-8864 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A1-LT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2158A
S23-8866 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A2-LT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2159A
S23-8868 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A3-LT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2160A
S23-8870 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A3.5-LT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2161A
S23-8872 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill B3-LT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2162A
S23-8874 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A1-HT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2168A
S23-8876 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A2-HT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2169A
S23-8878 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A3-HT Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2170A
S23-8880 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill 59 Incisal Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2171A
S23-8882 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill 60 Occlusal Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: 2172A
S23-8884 $136.50
HC Block Ceramill A2,Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: Z0014
S23-8886 $150.75
HC Block Ceramill A3, Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: Z0015
S23-8888 $150.75
HC Block Ceramill A3.5,Pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: Z0016
S23-8890 $150.75
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