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Products: Injection Resin >> Injection Denture Systems and Units >> Snow Rock Denture System
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Snow Rock Jetpac Hybrid

Snow Rock Click for full line from this manufacturer (121)

Our one system can process both Acry-Tone and Rezen NF. No need to switch systems.

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Snow Rock JetPAC Hybrid Kit Curing-Type only
Mfg. Part #: K002
S24-0121 $6,000.00
Snow Rock JetPAC Hybrid Kit Melting-Type only
Mfg. Part #: K003
S24-0122 $8,500.00
JetPAC Hybrid Injector Only
Mfg. Part #: J001
S24-0125 $4,890.00
JetPAC Hybrid Flask Only
Mfg. Part #: J102
S24-0126 $380.00
JetPAC Hybrid Cylinder+Disk Nugget Set
Mfg. Part #: J100S
S24-0127 $140.00
JetPAC Hybrid Cylinder Only
Mfg. Part #: J100
S24-0128 $125.00
JetPAC Hybrd Cylinder Disk Nugget Only
Mfg. Part #: J100D
S24-0129 $25.00
JetPAC Hybrid Cylinder Seal (10)
Mfg. Part #: J100R
S24-0130 $23.00
JetPAC Hybridflask Seal Blue (10)
Mfg. Part #: J102S
S24-0131 $25.50
JetPAC Hybrid Pressurization Bar
Mfg. Part #: J104
S24-0132 $91.00
JetPAC Hybrid Disc Seal (10)
Mfg. Part #: J104S
S24-0133 $28.00
JetPAC Hybrid Flask Clamp
Mfg. Part #: J105
S24-0134 $139.00
JetPAC Hybrid H/C Flask Acc. Double
Mfg. Part #: K001/2AK
S24-0123 $382.00
JetPAC Hybrid H/C Acc. Single Set
Mfg. Part #: K001/2AKS
S24-0124 $367.50

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