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HC Disk

HC Disk

Shofu Click for full line from this manufacturer (1240)

Shofu Blocks & Disks HC are made of a unique hybrid ceramic material combination ensuring exceptional natural light transmission as well as high durability and flexural strength. This new, highly aesthetic CAD/CAM material is suitable for a wide range of indications – including minimally invasive inlays, onlays, cosmetic veneers, full crowns for anterior and posterior teeth, and implant-supported restorations.
  • Force-absorbing hybrid ceramic
  • High wear resistance
  • Tooth-like light transmission and fluorescence
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Precise milling—fast chairtime
  • Easy high gloss polishing

  • Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer LT W2
    Mfg. Part #: 2180S
    S23-8892 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer LT A1
    Mfg. Part #: 2181S
    S23-8894 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer LT A2
    Mfg. Part #: 2182S
    S23-8896 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer LT A3
    Mfg. Part #: 2183S
    S23-8898 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer LT A3.5
    Mfg. Part #: 2184S
    S23-8900 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer LT B3
    Mfg. Part #: 2185S
    S23-8902 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer HT A1
    Mfg. Part #: 2186S
    S23-8904 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer HT A2
    Mfg. Part #: 2187S
    S23-8906 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer HT A3
    Mfg. Part #: 2188S
    S23-8908 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer Incisal 59
    Mfg. Part #: 2189S
    S23-8910 $285.10
    HC Disk 98x14mm Single Layer Occlusal OC
    Mfg. Part #: 2190S
    S23-8912 $285.10

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