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Gc Initial Lisi

(GC America)
Amazing new layering ceramic for Lithium Discilicate substructures. For the first time ever, Initial LiSi offers the highest aesthetics, perfectly matched CTE, and is a more cost effective option for your most popular restorations.
This new ceramic is a specialized veneering ceramic designed for lithium discilicate frameworks.
Thanks to the exact cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), its low firing temperature, and high stability during multiple firings, GC Initial LiSi ensures you safe and predictable processing of lithium discilicate frameworks.
Can be used in the individual layering and in the cut-back technique following the proven initial ceramic concept; one shade system; one layering technique. Full anatomical frtameworks can be enhanced using the GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF.

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Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
GC Initial LiSi Basic Set
Contains: GC Initial LiSi, Dentin, D-A1 / D-A2 / D-A3 /D-B1/ D-B2 /D-C2, 20g;GC Initial LiSi, Enamel, E-57 / E-58 / E-59 / E-60, 20g;GC Initial LiSi, Clear Fluorence, CL-F, 20g;GC Initial LiSi, Translucent, TN/TO, 20g;GC Initial LiSi, Bleach Dentin, BLD2, 20g;GC Initial LiSi, Bleach Enamel, BL-E, 20g;GC Initial LiSi, Translucent Modifier, TM-01 / TM-05, 20g;GC Initial AL,Zr,Ti / INvivo-INsituglaze,gL, 10g;GC Initial AL,Zr,Ti / INvivo-INsituglaze Liquid, 25 ml;GC Initial LiSi, Modelling Liquid, 50 ml;GC Initial LiSi Shade Chart;GC Initial LiSi Technical Manual
Mfg. Part #: 877086
G05-5680 $627.80
GC Initial LiSi Advanced Set
Contains: GC Initial LiSi, Enamel Occlusal, EO-15, 20g; GC Initial LiSi, Fluo-Dentin, FD-91 / FD-92 / FD-93, 20g; GC Initial LiSi, Enamel Opal, EOP-2 / EOP-3 / EOP-4, 20g; GC Initial LiSi, Cervical Translucent, CT-22 / CT-23 / CT-24 / CT-25, 20g; GC Initial LiSi, Inside, IN-41 /IN-42 /IN-43 /IN-44 /IN-45 /IN-46 /IN-47 /IN-48 /IN-49 /IN-50 /IN-51, 20g; GC Initial LiSi, Modelling Liquid, 50 ml; GC Initial LiSi, Shade Chart
Mfg. Part #: 877087
G05-6058 $865.80
GC Initial LiSi BLD-1 Light 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875871
G05-6554 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi BLD-3 X-White 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875872
G05-6556 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi EI-11 Grey 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875873
G05-6558 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi EI-12 White 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875874
G05-6560 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi EI-13 Rosa 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875875
G05-6562 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi EI-14 Yellow 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875876
G05-6564 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi TM-02 White 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875877
G05-6566 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi TM-03 Rosa 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875878
G05-6568 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi TM-04 Yellow 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875879
G05-6570 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi EO-16 Yellow/White 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875880
G05-6572 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi EO-17 Violet/Grey 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875881
G05-6574 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi CT-21 Light 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875882
G05-6576 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi CT-21 Light 20gm
Mfg. Part #: 875883
G05-6578 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi GM-23 Base Light 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875884
G05-6580 $39.45
Initial LiSi Dentin Color Shade Guide (1 CD)
Mfg. Part #: 877092
G05-6096 $83.25
Initial LiSi Dentin Additional Color Shade Guide (3 CDs)
Mfg. Part #: 877093
G05-6098 $240.90
GC Initial LiSi Dentin A1 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875821
G05-5682 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin A2 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875822
G05-5684 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin A3 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875823
G05-5686 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin A3.5 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875824
G05-5688 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin A4 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875825
G05-5690 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin B1 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875826
G05-5692 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin B2 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875827
G05-5694 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin B3 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875828
G05-5696 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin B4 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875829
G05-5698 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin C1 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875830
G05-5700 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin C2 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875831
G05-5702 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin C3 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875832
G05-5704 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin C4 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875833
G05-5706 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin D2 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875834
G05-5708 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin D3 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875835
G05-5710 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Dentin D4 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875836
G05-5712 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Enamel 57 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875837
G05-5714 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Enamel 58 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875838
G05-5716 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Enamel 59 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875839
G05-5718 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Enamel 60 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875840
G05-5720 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Clear Fluoresence 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875841
G05-5722 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Translucent Neutral 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875842
G05-5724 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Translucent Opal 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875843
G05-5726 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Enamel Occlusal EO-15 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875844
G05-5728 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Fluoresence Dentin FD-91 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875845
G05-5730 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Fluoresence Dentin FD-92 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875846
G05-5732 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Fluoresence Dentin FD-93 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875847
G05-5734 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Enamel Opal EOP-2 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875848
G05-5736 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Enamel Opal EOP-3 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875849
G05-5738 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Enamel Opal EOP-4 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875850
G05-5740 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Cervical Translucent CT22 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875851
G05-5742 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Cervical Translucent CT23 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875852
G05-5744 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Cervical Translucent CT24 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875853
G05-5746 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Cervical Translucent CT25 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875854
G05-5748 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-41 Flamingo 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875855
G05-5750 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-42 Terracotta 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875856
G05-5752 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-43 Sun 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875857
G05-5754 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-44 Sand 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875858
G05-5756 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-45 Havanna 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875859
G05-5758 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-46 Brasil 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875860
G05-5760 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-47 Sienna 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875861
G05-5762 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-48 Kurkuma 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875862
G05-5764 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-49 Maracuji 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875863
G05-5766 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-50 Curry 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875864
G05-5768 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Inside IN-51 Olive 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875865
G05-5770 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Correction Powder COR 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875866
G05-5772 $42.35
GC Initial LiSi Bleach Dentin BL-D (White) 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875867
G05-5774 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Bleach Dentin BL-E (Enamel) 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875868
G05-5776 $37.95
GC Initial LiSi Translucent Modifier TM-01 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875869
G05-5778 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Translucent Modifier TM-05 20g
Mfg. Part #: 875870
G05-5780 $39.45
GC Initial LiSi Modeling Liquid 50ml
Mfg. Part #: 875890
G05-5782 $19.00

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