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Idodentine Pmma Disc Pink 98mm

A product you can trust for the preparation of crowns and bridges. Made with PMMA resins of a high molecular weight which have been tested many times and which fulfil all the current legal requirements and certifications on biocompatibility. The same used by Unidesa-Odi for the preparation of its artificial teeth. A material that provides hardness and resistance, perfect for the preparation of provisional pieces.
You can make the most of the product since it can be reused many times. It is manufactured in a wide range of colors and it helps the professional to every day make profitable its investment in CAD-CAM technology.
used to mill denture bases
  • Made in Spain

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    Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
    Idodentine PMMA Disc BG3 (Rose) 98.5x12mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4254/BG3
    U22-0010 $36.00
    Idodentine PMMA Disc BG3 (Rose) 98.5x16mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4252/BG3
    U22-0020 $39.85
    Idodentine PMMA Disc BG3 (Rose) 98.5x20mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4250/BG3
    U22-0030 $45.00
    Idodentine PMMA Disc BG3 (Rose) 98.5x25mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4225/BG3
    U22-0040 $61.50
    Idodentine PMMA Disc Pink 98.5x16mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4252/P
    U22-0042 $60.00
    Idodentine PMMA Disc Pink 98.5x20mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4250/P
    U22-0044 $60.00
    Idodentine PMMA Disc Pink 98.5x25mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4225/P
    U22-0046 $60.00
    Idodentine PMMA Disc PINK Veined 98.5x16mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4252/PV
    U22-0048 $60.00
    Idodentine PMMA Disc PINK Veined 98.5x20mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4250/PV
    U22-0050 $60.00
    Idodentine PMMA Disc PINK Veined 98.5x25mm
    Mfg. Part #: 4225/PV
    U22-0052 $55.30

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