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Vita Enamic® Universal
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Vita Enamic® Universal

VITA ENAMIC sets new standards for reliability by combining strength and elasticity and providing unsurpassed absorption of masticatory forces. Enamic restorations mill in as little as 4 minutes, 19 seconds and provide increased efficiency by allowing up to 148 crowns to be milled with one set of diamond tools. The revolutionary material also provides greater precision and improved edge stabilty.VITA ENAMIC is particularly suited for crown restorations in the posterior area and minimally invasive restorations.

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Vita Enamic HT 0M1 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM4022765
V30-0320 $162.95
Vita Enamic HT 1M1 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM4062765
V30-0322 $162.95
Vita Enamic HT 1M2 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM4072765
V30-0324 $162.95
Vita Enamic HT 2M2 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM4122765
V30-0326 $162.95
Vita Enamic HT 3M2 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM4202765
V30-0328 $162.95
Vita Enamic T 0M1 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM3022765
V30-0330 $162.95
Vita Enamic T 1M1 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM3062765
V30-0332 $162.95
Vita Enamic T 1M2 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM3072765
V30-0334 $162.95
Vita Enamic T 2M2 14mm pkg of 5
Mfg. Part #: EN1EM3122765
V30-0336 $162.95
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