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Enamelite Cad/cam Scanning Spray
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Enamelite Cad/cam Scanning Spray

One of the newer Enamelite™ sprays available, our CAD/CAM Scanning Spray was created with detailed accuracy in mind. The spray offers features that other materials aren’t able to match, such as covering materials with the thinnest, most uniform and accurate layer. This allows for a more accurate scan, and in turn, a more accurate fit. All of these features have been made possible through Enamelite’s patented aerosol packaging technology used across the entire line of dental ceramic sprays, making glazing a fast and easy process.
The CAD/CAM Scanning Spray is meant to be sprayed prior to scanning, and should only be used for non-intraoral scanning, such as on crowns, models, and impressions

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Mfg. Part #: 5100176
E01-0144 $62.50
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