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Snow Rock Denture System


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Snow Rock Denture System
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Snow Rock Denture System

(Snow Rock)
The only brand you need to tackle every denture case coming through the door.
Hypoallergenic. 100% reline-able. Easy polishing. Injectable. UV resistant. One shade for all.
For the first time, use an injection format for an acrylic-based flexible denture resin called Acry-Tone using top-quality melting and injection system combi. Also polyamide-based flexible resin called Rezen NF
Designed to increase the maximum processing potential to 12 cases per hour using a combination of one Jet Furnace for melting (25 min for up to 6 cases) and operations, maximum processing potential can be increased with an additional number of Jet Furnaces and Flasks.
Comes with everything a lab needs to start creating beautiful successful dentures to use Snow Rock without any hassle!

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Snow Rock Denture Complete System
Contains: Jet 700 injector with Mist Separator and wiring parts, Jet Furnace with six dissolution pots, Jet Flasks (2), Type A Aluminum Casing with Cap (40 each), Cylinder with Press Plates (2 sets), Removal Stand, Cylinder Plier, Hex Wrench with 5/16 Hex Bit Socket, Flasking Hammer, Heat Resistant Gloves, Timer, Acry-Tone in color #7a Real Pink (1kg), Kolben Wax 2.2mm (300 pcs), Sprue Wax 5.5mm (200g), Sprue Wax 3.0mm (200g), Sulfon Packing (300pcs), Snow Rock Denture System Manual, Shade Guides (5), and Informational Brochures for Dental Professionals (100)
Mfg. Part #: K101
S24-0108 $6,900.00
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