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New Arrivals

3D Printing

3D Printing Alloy

3D Printing Resin

Acrylic Cutting Burs

Acrylic Sealant

Acrylic Trimmers

Acrylics (Orthodontic)

Amalgam Polishing

Articulators, Bronze (Denture)

Articulators, Chrome (C&B)

Articulators, Chrome (Denture)

Articulators, Disposable

Articulators, Magnetic

Articulators, Semi-Adjustable

Blade Handles


Boxes, Crown & Bridge

Boxes, Denture

Boxes, Mailing

Boxes, Membrane

Boxes, Retainers

Bristle Brushes, Abbott Robinson HP Shank

Brushes (Sable)

Buffs, Muslin w/ Shellac Center


Burs w/ Ceramic Blade

CAD CAM Blocks


CAD/CAM Dust Collectors

Calipers, Iwanson (Wax)

Carbide Burs (Cross Cut)

Carbide Burs (Plain Cut)

Casting Tongs

Cobalt-Chrome Discs, 98mm

Composite Finishing Brushes

Crown Holding Pliers for Polishing

Curing Units (Air Pressure)

Curing Units (Boil-Out)

Curing Units (LED)


Delivery Bags

Denture Polymerization Units

Denture Strengtheners

Diamond Burs HP (Sintered)

Diamond Discs

Diamond Dressing Stones

Die Materials

Digital Impressioning

Discs, Separating

Dowel Pin Stabilizers

Duplicating Flasks

Electric Motors

Flask & Compress

Gingival Mask Silicone

Grinding Wheels

Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutters

Implant Mask

Injection Resin

Lab Pans

Lab Silicone Putty

Lab Transport Bags

Lathe Brushes, with Polishing Paste




Milling Blocks, Lithium Discilicate

Milling Technique Burs

Model Boxes Shipping

Model Boxes Storage

Model Formers

Pin Setting Machines

PK Thomas Wax Carvers

Saw Blades

Saw Frames

Scissors, Vacuum Forming

Separating Mediums

Silicone Mounted Polishers


Steam Units

Thermoplastic Polishing

Titanium Discs, 98mm


Vacuum Forming

Wax Carvers

Wax Pots

Wax Solvents

Waxes, Modeling/Base Plate

Waxes, Sculpturing

Waxing Units

Zirconia Abrasives

Zirconia Burs (FG & HP)

Zirconia Discs, 98mm (3D Multilayer)

Zirconia Discs, 98mm (Multilayer)

Zirconia Discs, 98mm (Single Shaded)

Zirconia Discs, 98mm (White, Requires Sintering)
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