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Dentsply Portrait IPN
Wood Lab Stool
Albadent Alloys
Motyl Grinding Wheels
Disposable Apron

 LAB Products - Clearance Items

Note: All specials are while supplies last unless otherwise specified. If product is ordered online and no longer in stock, prices will no longer be honored. All sales of clearance items are final.
  Acrylic Polishers
  Acrylic Trimmers
  Acrylics (Acetal)
  Acrylics (Denture Base,Heat Cure)
  Acrylics (Denture Base,High Impact)
  Acrylics (Denture Base,Pourable)
  Acrylics (Injectible Resin)
  Blade Handles
  Brushes, Bristle Mini (Unmounted)
  Buffs, Felt (HP Shank)
  Buffs, Felt (Mini)
  Buffs, Muslin
  Burs (Diamonds)
  Calipers, Iwanson (Wax)
  Carbide Burs (Cross Cut)
  Carbide Burs (Nitride Coated)
  Carbide Burs (Plain Cut)
  Carbide Cutters, Jumbo
  Casting Rings (Oval)
  Casting Rings (Round)
  Ceramic Porcelain Polishing Kit
  Chrome Partial Products
  Diamond Burs HP (Sintered)
  Diamond Discs, Sintered
  Diamond Impregnated Polishers
  Die Materials
  Discs, Paper
  Discs, Porcelain
  Discs, Separating
  Dowel Pins, Brass
  Expansion Screws
  Grinding Wheels
  Hand Sanitizer
  Handpieces, Belt-Driven
  Infection Control
  Lab Pans
  Lathe Brushes, with Polishing Paste
  Milling Burs Roland (for Zirconia)
  Mounted Stones
  Pontic Plastic Wax Pattern Moulds
  Porcelain (Modifiers/Stains)
  Porcelain (Presssable)
  Porcelain (Zirconia)
  Porcelain Polishers (Diamond Impregnated)
  Porcelain Powder (PFM)
  Pressable Porcelain Plungers
  Rubber Mounted Polishers
  Silicone Mounted Polishers
  Silicone Unmounted Polishers
  Wax Carvers
  Waxes, Diagnostic
  Waxes, Dipping
  Waxes, Pre-Formed Patterns
  Waxing Units
  Zirconia Abrasives
  Zirconia Accessories
  Zirconia Discs, 98mm (Single Shaded)
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