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Milling Blocks

BAOT Biological Products


Nano Scan Gel
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GlassMax Vivid DentuLux & DentuFix Vivid 3DResin Tcs Manual Injector Vivid Labpro Double Workstation ArtiKwik

 Pearson CAD/CAM Solutions Publication
CAD/CAM/3D Printing Publication
(64 Pages)
CAD/CAM Solutions
3D Printing Machines & Resins
Moonray 3D Printer
All-In-One Digital Dentistry System...$4,320

EnvisionTech 3D Printers
As Low as...$10,000
Milling Machines
Roland Logo
Roland Milling Machines
DWX-4 (Dry Mill)
DWX-4W (Wet Mill)
DWX-51D (Wet/Dry Mill)
DWX-52DCi (5 Axis/Dry)

VHF Logo VHF Milling Machines
K5 (5 Axis Dry)
K5 Plus
Z4 Milling Unit
Zirconia Polishers
Roland Logo
Panther Zirconia Polisher
Panther Universal Zirconia Polishing Kit...$199
Sintering Furnaces
Sintra Plus
Rapid Sintering Oven...$10,995

Cameo Fast
Rapid Sintering Oven...$5,699

Sintering oven...$11,900

Sintering oven...$4,500

Sintering oven...$3,750

CAD/CAM Software
New 32nd Edition Catalog
(525 Pages)
Request our catalog
Milling Burs
 Milling Burs for all brands of milling machines
PMMA Discs, 98mm
 PMMA Single Shaded 98mm  |  PMMA Multilayer 98mm

 PMMA Clear  |  PMMA (Pink)  |  PMMA Cutters

 PMMA Polishers  |  PMMA (Other)

Trilor, Trinia, Peek, Chrome Cobalt, Titanium, 98mm
 Peek (White)  |  Trinia  |  Cobalt-Chrome  |  Titanium  |  Trilor

CAD/CAM Milling Wax Discs 98, 71, 95 & 100mm
 98mm  |  71mm  |  95mm  |  100mm

Zirconia & PMMA Blocks with Universal Mandrel
 Milling Blocks by GC  |  Milling Blocks by Vita

 Milling Blocks by Crystal Ultra  |  Milling Blocks by Shofu

 Milling Blocks by Upcera
Nanoceramic Blocks with Universal Mandrel
 Cerasmart   |  HC Ceramill   |  VitaBlocks   |  Enamic
Chairside Ceramic Blocks with Universal Mandrel
 Nanohybrid Blocks  |  Nanohybrid Polishers

 Nanohybrid Characterization  |  Nanohybrid Glaze
Scanning Spray & Zirconia Polishing Paste
 Scanning Spray  |  Zirconia Polish

Pressable Ceramic Ingots (Lithium Disilicate)
 GC Initial LiSi Press  |  Amber LiSi-POZ  |  Amber Press

 LiSi Polishers  |  Vita Enamic  |  Polishing Paste

Zirconia Polishers & Abrasives
 Zirconia Polishers   |  Zirconia Grinders   |  LiSi Polishers

 Zirconia Abrasive Kits   |  Lithium Disilicate Polishing Kits

Plastic Teeth (2, 3, 4 Layers and Hardened)
 Ultradent  |  Newtek  |  New Hue  |  Classic  |  Artic

 Naturatone  |  Vivid TriMax  |  Starplus  |  Portrait IPN
Injection Resin Systems
 TCS System  |  Valplast System  |  Success System

 Snow Rock System  |  CFS System  |  Flexite System

Featured Teeth
Modern Dental Lab
New Innovative Products For Your Laboratory

Steam Cleaners
Sintering Ovens
Porcelain Ovens
Pressing Ovens
Vivid Waxes
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